SEFAS promotes the closing of gaps between supply and demand for financing of sustainable production primarily through the following activities


  • Research and information: SEFAS studies the specific financing needs (investment type, amounts, installments) of the sustainable production sector, existing financing available, the strengths and weaknesses of the supply as well as the demand for financial services, sustainable trade market tendencies, certification tendencies and other related topics. SEFAS systematizes, organizes and shares this information together with strategic allies, through publications, trainings, fairs and congresses, and personalized advisory services.

  • Development of tools, guides and manuals: SEFAS identifies the strengthening needs of producer cooperatives and designs context-adapted tools to support them on the way to successful financing processes. SEFAS also informs the financial sector about tendencies in sustainable trade and production, in order to catalyze investment in their growth.

  • Training and education: In order to achieve the best possible results in the participation of cooperatives in Financial Fairs (FAST methodology), SEFAS prepares the representatives of said cooperatives through workshops (as well as documentation revision and specific advice). SEFAS also offers financial training modules to the administrative staff of producer cooperatives. On the financial supply side, SEFAS has available educational packages for the strategists of financial institutions, with an emphasis on strategy design and financial product creation for the sustainable sector.

  • Advisory and technical accompaniment: In specific cases, SEFAS accompanies producer organizations in the creation of work relationships with financial entities, by means of advisory services tailored to the organization´s needs. In as far as possible, SEFAS seeks to work with already-present technical assistance. Working always with a long-term impact and sustainability focus, SEFAS uses ability-creating methods and discourages dependency-creating assistance. These experiences form part of the Program´s portfolio of research-in-action. The SEFAS team is also available via e-mail for specific suggestions of possible sources of financing.

  • Innovation in financial products: As a result of its research, SEFAS is able to maintain updated, systematised information about existing models of successful financing of the sector. It also has methodologies for designing appropriate financial products for the sustainable producer.

  • Creation of linkage platforms:  SEFAS coordinates physical and virtual spaces for meetings and one-on-one negotiations between productive organizations and financial organizations, in alliance with partners. Creates and updates databases and directories in order to link the financial and the productive sector.


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