On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the foundation Rural Development Consult in  2014, the book “Un recorrido por líneas locales. Aportes para políticas públicas en el sector rural de Centroamérica, el Caribe y la Región Andina” (A stroll along local lines. Contributions to public policy in the rural sector of Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean Region) was published in San José, Costa Rica. It contains contributions from colleagues and other friend researchers on the present and future state of rural development in the region, based on research and past or future interventions.

Various sectors, rural and urban sectors are covered, with themes discussed in relation to territorial policies (ECADERT), public health, strategic environmental assessments in Central America (Ruta 1856 in Costa Rica and the Grand Canal in Nicaragua), the novel ‘superfood’ Plukenetia (Sacha inchi) and, in French, the post-earthquake reconstruction of Léogâne in Haiti.

Most of the chapters of the book, translated from Spanish, can be downloaded: