estudiantesPart of CDR´s academic mission is the supervision of students who wish to carry out a research project, usually as part of their graduation thesis. More than twenty five students have done their research in the region through the support of CDR.

One or more members of the permanent team of professionals supervise each student’s research. CDR can also assist in finding an adequate counterpart organisation, usually an NGO in the region. Visiting students may make use of CDR´s office facilities, including: a work place with a computer and printer, access to telephone, fax and Internet, the library and the documentation centre, use of CDR´s postal address, and the kitchen facilities for lunch and coffee preparation.

To ensure a mutually enriching experience, the following norms are attained to:

  • CDR offers this service only when there is sufficient space and time availability.
  • Students must express interest via e-mail (, and include a draft research proposal and curriculum vitae.
  •  The primary research topic should be related to CDR´s areas of interest.
  • Visiting students should demonstrate active interest in learning or improving their dominion of the Spanish language. CDR can link students to Spanish lessons, should it be necessary.
  •  Before the student’s return, he/she should hand in at least a draft version of the research report.

In case special interest arises and the research meets certain quality standards, the report may be included in CDR´s Working Papers.