serviciosCDR offers the national and international cooperation, public and private entities, and non-governmental, non-profit organisations (NGO) a wide variety of professional services in diverse specialty areas. Our service is based on principles of autonomy, academic rigor, and effectiveness, with the aim of generating additional capacity for the agencies and their target groups.

Its physical location, thematic specialisation, and the regional scope of its work, allow CDR to systematise tendencies, as well as assume an assessment role in public policy and institutional strategy formulation. Some of the main organisations with which CDR has had professional relations over the past twenty years are:

Oxfam Novib, HIVOS, ICCO, Triple Jump, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID), Inter American Development Bank (IDB), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands (IOB), Swedish Cooperative Centre, European Commission and EU Programs, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Agrofair Assistance and Development (AFAD), Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), UNICEF, RUTA, among others. CDR also provides direct services to local NGO and community-based organisations in the region.