CIMG3663MSc. Hans Nusselder (1957). MSc. Hans Nusselder (1957) was trained in both eco­nomics and non-western sociology at the Vrije Univer­siteit, Amsterdam. He joined CDR after carrying out research in Southeast Asia and working with several international organisations in Latin America, West Af­rica and the Netherlands.

His areas of specialization include formulation of programmes for productive and human development, training and institutional support to producer organisations and international trade; the strengthening of financial structures in Cen­tral America and the Caribbean; analysis and policy formulation on the private sector, civil society and sustainable development of international border areas supported by technical cooperation and local institu­tions. He is currently involved in the analysis of non-bank financial sector development in Latin Ameri­ca and Africa, as well as impact studies, agro-commercialisation and formulation of nationwide development assistance programmes. –

E-Stervins-AlexisDr. Stervins Alexis (1967), Dr. Stervins Alexis (1967), a Civil Engineer from the Institut Supérieur Technique d’Haiti, obtained his Ph.D. degree in Global Change and Sustainable Development from the University Alcalá Henares in Madrid. He has fifteen years of experience in formulation, management and monitoring of plans, programmes and projects in regional, local and rural development, social infrastructures, natural resource management and support to organisation building.

He specialised in local development processes, natural resource management, risk prevention and management, and disaster relief. These areas include assignments in basin and territorial planning, research in tropical ecosystems and assessment of natural and anthropogenic impact. He studied the effects of climate change, pollution and habitat fragmentation in the course of long-term consultancies and research in various Caribbean countries. –

E-Ariana-AraujoMsc. Ariana Araujo Resenterra (1981) Msc. Ariana Araujo Resenterra (1981) is an anthropologist from the University of Costa Rica and she obtained her master’s degree in Development Studies with a specialization in Local and Regional Development from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague (ISS). She has ample knowledge and professional experience in the field of local and regional development, natural resource management, gender, agriculture, and in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of projects.
Her professional experience also includes the analysis of development policy and programs financed by international cooperation or governments. She has become specialized in action-research processes using participatory methodologies with diverse social groups and organizations in the context of the Central American region. –

E-Paul-CloesenMSc. Henri-Paul Cloesen (1959) Agronomist ( Plant Breeding tropical and subtropical crops ) graduated from the University of Leuven, Belgium. Experience in Management , Management, Monitoring and Evaluation in Agricultural Cooperation and Rural areas in general. Served on Economic Diversification , Agricultural Marketing , Rural Finance , SME Support , Information Systems Development and Management , Emergency preparation , Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Protection . Administrative and accounting support to Rural Producers ‘ Associations .

Worked with a wide range of Food Crops and Tropical Industrial and Agro Industry – Food Products , Where realize Economic Feasibility Studies , Social and Environmental . Served as a consultant in various programs of bilateral and multilateral cooperation as well as several NGOs. –

E-Angelica-RamirezIng. Angélica Ramirez Pineda (1983) Ing. Angélica Ramirez Pineda (1983) obtained a degree in Socioeconomic Development and Environment at the Pan American Agricultural School, Zamorano in Honduras.

She has worked on projects related to microfinance and socio-economic monitoring in Central America, mainly developing research tools, field information surveys, statistical analyses and systematizations. Angelica has experience in designing projects for product diversification in the area of exports, as well as development of value chains and management of alliances. She has executed various missions in Latin America for the CBI, an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. She has more than five years experience working with MSMEs in Latin America and has also worked as a trainer in capacity building programs to promote exports for nearly three years. She also has experience in building market information tools such as sector studies, product research and export guidelines. –

E-Alejandro-UrizaLic. Alejandro Uriza Ferretti (1977) Lic. Alejandro Uriza (1977) studied Agricultural Economics at the National University of Nicaragua (UNAN), subsequently specialising in Marketing and Publicity at the Technological Institute of Monterrey and the American University in Nicaragua.

He has a working track record of nine years in various fields such as formulation and evaluation of regional, national and community projects in rural areas, development of business plans, quantitative and in-depth evaluations at community level, technical assistance and training for organizations and businesses. He worked with Zamorano University in studies on the environmental impact of pesticides and post-Mitch projects of USAID. For five years he served as head of communications for the Federation Red NicaSalud, being in charge of a communications and technical assistance program to 29 national and international organizations with community work in the country. In recent years he has held a series of consultancies for project evaluations and programs at national and regional levels and he has advised on the development of business plans, financial sustainability strategies, marketing plans and evaluations of programs and projects. –

Marta Valenzuela. Labora con el CDR desde hace diez años como secretaría administrativa y oficial de contabilidad. –



E-Esther-LaureanoEsther Laureano. She  works with CDR for twenty years as assistant general services. –

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