For over twenty years our Foundation has dedicated, to supporting public and private interventions through results based on applied research and professional autonomy. This marks our proposal for action on the path towards a fair development process.

CDR is based in San José, Costa Rica. Its researcher-consultants are experts in planning and evaluation, finances and management, markets and value chains, human development, and environmental development. Our experience, multi-disciplinary approach, and physical location constitute an important basis that equips us for service to the public interest through consultancy, analysis, and training.

CDR offers the national and international cooperation, public and private entities, and non-governmental, non-profit organisations (NGO) a wide variety of professional services in diverse specialty areas. Our service is based on principles of autonomy, academic rigor, and effectiveness, with the aim of generating additional capacity for the agencies and their target groups.


index_29eKnow our program SEFAS:
It’s A Technical Assistance Program in Financial Services for Sustainable Agriculture , is sponsored by HIVOS and executed by the Research Center for Rural Development ( CDR) Based in Costa Rica . Facilitates Approach Between Organizations and Sustainable Organic Farmers , With Dining Services Financial Institutions in Central America.